James Gesner, 34, Husband and Father. Student of Straight Blast Gym International. I have enjoyed studying martial arts for over twenty years. I attended and graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth with a Major in English – Journalism, Creative Writing, Rhetoric and Communications.

I am a writer. A creative writer. I excel at fiction, non-fiction, personal essays and reviews. I write pieces in the field of journalism, sports journalism, and rhetorical analysis. I have published some pieces in the area of health and fitness, sports recaps, mixed martial arts analysis, and entertainment. I have a new dedicated website being built now that will focus on the Entertainment industry, including: Films and Television, scripts, news and rumors, Sports and Lifestyle. Stay Tuned. Get in touch if you need any help, or have any interest in my writing style.

Give me a blank page, and tell me to go.