Universal Remote


Gebria and Oka-Duat enter the Wirt hive and begin their approach to the center. White reflective walls surround them, bright and untouched. The floors above and beneath are clear and clean.The Wirt seems endless in every direction, a honeycomb of white and silver corridors. As far as Oka’s vision allows, he can not see any point where the Wirt’s cavernous corridors end. Gebria and he stride side by side to the center of the hive with purpose. As Gebria’s eyes square in focus, their hue a brilliant mix of purple and pink, her second set of eyelids close from the outside corner and her vision advances to the advanced spectrum so she may scan the hive and find the markings that identify their door. Oka-Duat was not created with the required genetic makeup to access the advanced spectrum frequencies, but his extreme violet and blue eyes follows Gebria’s as she scans their surroundings. They are standing in the middle of a honeycomb of corridors and doors, all marked with different visual cues indicating the stages of every sphere’s power that lies behind each door. They are close to one another, their slender grey-green arms touching briefly as Gebria turns to scan further doors, Oka-Duat feels her emotion of anticipation as their skin grazes.

“Can you find it?” Oka asked softly and eagerly.

“It is below us, I almost have its location.” Gebria did not look at Oka-Duat when answering, but kept scanning.

“This Wirt is exceptionally empty.” Oka mused as he scanned around the hive. The top of his head barely reached Gebria’s prominent shoulders.

“No it is not. We are never alone here.” Gebria’s eyes focused tighter as she made her matter of fact statement.

Gebria finally finds their silver door, she identifys the markings and notes to herself that it’s fourty-two doors down on the sub four hundreth and thirty-seventh level. Her slender extremely long fingers, soft, perfectly rounded and without nail or markings reach out to touch Oka-Duat, and he sees immediately what she wants him to see. As they begin their stride across the floor, both keep one eye focused below them on their door, and the other ahead as they approach the lift. The wall they approach is a brilliant white and opaque, has no seams, and the markings in the middle are visible to both. Oka-Duat reaches his right arm out first, but they both know they have to touch at the same time. Gebria is much taller and her reach thus is greater than Oka-Duat’s and both of their prime fingers, her right and his left, touch the symbol at the same exact moment. The large circular symbol glows a brilliant golden-yellow then turns Ultraviolet.

As fast as Gebrias primary eyelids can close and re-open, they are both now in front of the same symbol, but four hundred and thirty-seven levels down in the hive. As they turn in unison on the clear floor below them, the symbol transitions from its Ultraviolet to golden back to its original silver. Oka hears a loud bang far below them, his body straightens and his stance portrays one of whom is ready for battle.  “Are you stable?” Oka-Duat questions with authority as he is instinctively in front of Geb. Gebria lays her hand on the back of Oka, even though he is wearing his blood orange exo-tunic, the material still allows Gebria to relay her emotion to him. The feeling she has is still one of much anticipation, but also control and calm, which in turn instantly soothes Oka-Duat’s anxiety, and his triangular shoulders automatically drop and the weight of his worry leaves him. Gebria steps forward while still touching his back, and her eyes peer down into his with such comfort and compassion, that Oka has no choice but to smile.  Gebria says gently, her eyes squared and focused into his. “It is a normal occurrence here, there is nothing we have to fear outside of these doors.”

Oka-Duat’s lips slowly unfurl from his reactionary smile and nods, “Then let us continue. My anticipation is growing with yours.” Gebria smiles now as well, but not just with her slender pinkish lips, but her entire face seems to brighten, her eyes and even her slight nostrils flaring out. She moves with grace, without sound, and steps in front of him toward their destination. As they both rejoin their journey to their door, Oka-Duat can’t help but marvel at Gebria. Her tunic is two shades darker than his, indicating her advanced status in the planets defense regime. Also her hair, the color of their gorgeous red Star, and bound together behind her, tightly, with an artifact indicative of her royal home. The artifact is a glowing bright green, said to be made from material found in their planet’s core. “Gebria…I see it.” Oka-Duat spoke gently and without waiver, he sensed instantly which door was theirs, as Gebria’s emotions heightened. She responds while they still forge ahead, not looking back at him and her hands moving gently with her stride. “Yes, it is amazing!” Gebria says with enthusiasm.

Oka-Duat notes that some of the doors they have passed are not as bright a silver as theirs, indeed a few seemed quite black. “Is there a meaning to the do…” Oka begins to ask, but is stopped as he and Gebria approach the forty-second door. It is tall, silver and beautiful. They’re pace quickenes as each step draws them closer. Their pointy knees, tight in their light exoskeleton armor, rise behind them as they move. Their matching dark brown three long toed kickers moving in unison with one another, but making no sound on the clear floors below. The silver door is in front of them now, at least 10 units taller than Gebria, but not very wide compared to its height. It is very bright and reflective, like their Stars reflection off of their cyan Seas. There are no seams, and no handle, but it is slightly recessed from the brilliant white and silver wall. The emblem Gebria was looking for is very large, and takes up the space of the top half of the door. The emblem is silver as well, but one shade darker than the door itself. It is raised from the surface, and depicts an image of what Oka-Duat thinks of as a warning. The emblem depicts what Oka-Duat thinks of as an explosion, a central object with many other smaller ones spread out from it like it was a detonated device. Oka thought that the symbol maybe indicated this room to be unsafe. “Do not worry, this is our door and it is not a warning,” says Gebria with quiet authority.

He realizes that her hand had been returned to the lower part of his back as they stood in front of their door. “Watch,” Gebria assures him and removes her hand from him and stretches out her primary right finger and touches the door, right below the left side of the emblem. The entire door begins to shimmer, differing shades of silver, brighter and darker and brighter again. Just as her finger touched, a brilliant hue of orange, ultraviolet and silver-white sparks seems to fly out from around her imprinted finger. Where her finger is placed, Oka-Duat can see the colors changing on the door itself as well and begins to radiate outward across half the door. Oka-Duat was in awe. This ancient technology, it was very beautiful. “See, you must assist me Oka, it will take the both of our will to open our door,” Gebria sounds very excited, her eyes never leave focus from her finger on the door. Oka-Duat had reflectively took a step back, but not in fear. He wanted to see everything. Oka nodded slightly at Gebria and took a step back forward.

Oka-Duat reaches out his own right primary finger and places it under the right half side of the emblem. He pushes it in, and his whole hand lays flush with the door now.Gebria does the same with her palm. At the precise moment their full hands touched the door, they both feel a great pull and a tremendous vibration. The doors energy is a life unto its own, and their emotions are both ones of excitement now. The ultraviolet and orange are radiating across the whole door now are joined by other colors, ones even Oka-Duat is unfamiliar with. Oka-Duat guesses they are of the advanced spectrum frequency. He wonders why, now, can he see them; but quickly loses his curiousity as the colors begin radiating faster and faster, tingling Gebria and Oka’s every sense as they pass under their hands. Oka-Duat face shows he is worried again, but he does not know why. The colors begin to mix across their entire door now, it is no longer silver. Gebria pulls her hand back off the door, her face one giant expression of happiness now. Oka-Duat mimics her movement, and looks at her out of the corner of his eyes with a questioning stare.

She reassured him, “There is nothing to fear outside of these doors. We are very lucky to have been chosen for this task.” The colors began getting brighter and mixing faster, like rainbows colliding, and the door began to vibrate even more, humming. Gebria’s eyes focus again like they did before and she notes that she sees every color of their viewable spectrum and beyond being released and mixed by their door. “It’s beauty is unmatched,” Gebria states. A nod of confirmation,  but Oka-Duat knows Gebria’s beauty surpasses this ancient doors. She smiles wider, perhaps knowing exactly what he was just thinking. The colors mix now until they are a brilliant gloss of shiny black, the entire door has now adapted. Except for the emblem. The emblem has turned from a darker silver to brilliant golden-yellow. Against the now glossy black of the door, the emblems details are even more prominent. The door makes a sound like that of hissing steam, but its vibrations stop as it begins to lift. Gebria steps instinctively forward, Oka-Duat stays his ground. As their door raised and retreated seamlessly into the wall above, taking but an instant, Oka noted that there must be millions of these doors in this Wirt hive, more than even Gebria could see.

They can not see what is inside of the room that their door was guarding, and Oka-Duat just kept thinking of the emblems depiction of that explosion. But Gebria takes his hand in hers as she begins to step forward and Oka’s worry fades once more from him. Her hand is soft and delicate yet her grip is strong. Oka’s is rougher but he is glad that Gebria does not seem to mind. A single click, like a mechanical gear moving just one notch. The door shut without another sound and with great speed as soon as they take a step inside. Their rooms floor was no longer clear, it and the entire space around them became a brilliant black darkness. Darker than the emptiness of their Above once their red Star is no longer visible. Except as Oka’s eyes adjusted to his surroundings, he noted pinpoints of miniscule balls of white and ultraviolet light suspended in the atmosphere of their room. As they stepped further in, still hand in hand and stride for stride, he noticed the lights more and more, seemingly everywhere around them. There must be trillions, but they are so small it barely registers in his vision. Gebria nods again with that expression of joy and fulfillment on her face. She is excited. Oka seems to have a slight problem breathing, but his body adjusts.

As they near the center of their room, Oka-Duat sees that out of the floor, is a raised dais, a perfect square base and a curved depression on top. The same black as the room, but atop it sits a unordinarly large exact-sphere. The sphere is almost clear through, or it is filled with the same blackness as the room is, he could not quite tell. Gebria’s pace quickened, and as she still had him in her hand, so did Oka-Duat. They approached the sphere and found themselves just paces away from it now, within reach of their long slender arms. Oka realizes as he looks at Gebria that her family artifact was no longer glowing, and the only visible light he could barely see were the minute balls of light in their domed room. Oka glanced at Gebria, looking for what to do next. Even though it had been many hundreds of cycles since Gebria had last procured energy from the Wirt, her instincts gave her confidence. This was important, to have a strong will. Oka remembered what Gebria had taught him about the Wirt. She had told him the day they were marked for the jounrey, “The Wirt is connected to the core of The Existence. It will only allow us to enter two, by two. The weak-willed denizens will never be able to cross the threshold. But we have been chosen; We will not fail.”

Gebria’s hand outstretched toward the sphere before she even had the thought to do it, as her hand came closer to the sphere, she could feel the cold pulsation of the sphere reaching back toward her hand, seemingly wanting her to place her hands upon it. The balls of light were now shimmering as Gebria’s hand got closer and closer to the sphere. The room seemed colder to the both of them now. Oka-Duat’s skin was the first to change to a darker shade of gray as he felt the chill go down his spine; Gebria’s change came a few moments later, but her body did not adjust as much as Oka’s as she was anticipating this effect. Her hair was even more profound as the balls of light around her head shimmered against the thick long strands of breathing hair. Oka stood his ground as he waited for Gebrias hand to reach the sphere. As she touched it, the room became alive.

There were pinpoints of light everywhere in the room. They began to switch colors; from white to ultraviolet back to white and so forth. But the room added a new color now, there were bright red lines of light that were running out and up from the dais to the entire top of the dome. They were thin and varied, it was like veins of red amongst the darkness. As they spread, the room grew even colder. Gebria’s emotion emanated from her as their room began to evolve. She was enthralled and pure of joy.  Gebria focused both eyes, that were even brighter pink than usual, to Oka-Duat and with a deep breath told him to move toward the sphere. “Come Oka, we must engage The Wirt.” Oka-Duat stepped forward to stand beside Gebria and outstretched his right arm right next to her left. As their arms touched, their emotions mixed; anticipation, joy, fear, happiness, love, fulfillment and confusion. They felt everything, their nerve endings danced beneath the skin. All at once, it was almost overwhelming to Oka-Duat. But Oka knew that, with Gebria, he could accomplish their task.

Oka’s hand moved forward,  and again, the light began to change. The particles of light seemed to jump from one place to the next and the red veins glowed even brighter now. No longer were they two in the darkness, but they both knew that they were present here with many other living energies. The sphere grew even colder, and it was now the darkest part of the entire room. Oka-Duat could not see through the sphere, no matter how hard he focused his vision to it. but It contained its own deep swirling darkness just like their room. The room grew extremely cold, yet Oka and Gebrias core temperatures seemed to be rising. Their skin changed two shades lighter. “This is very unusual.” Gebria said, but not in fear. Her eyes scanned their environment in amazement.

Oka-Duats longest finger was a light particle space away. He hesitated for an instant and then pushed himself forward so he had his full palm on the sphere. His fingers outstretched and near Gebria’s. At this exact moment an extraordinary event began. Gebria steadied herself, a bracing stance, her muscles tightened. But in contrast with her stance, her face still smiled, her eyes brighter than ever. The lights were jumping all over the place, seemingly in and out of existence it was so fast, and then after a moment, they stopped. The red veins dimmed slightly, then they burst light outward from them, and in the bright red haze. Oka-Duat saw that there were even more particles of light than he had thought. He did not believe that all of them could fit inside this domed room and he marvelled at the sight. Oka-Duat’s gaze fell back upon Gebria, to him, still the most beautiful sight in their room.

After that momentary pause in the particles, something then happened that Oka-Duat had never imagined could happen. Gebria had never spoken to him of this part of the procurement, and she had never even gave off a memory of this happening. The light did not exactly fly into the sphere, as much as the sphere began call every particle of light into at once. The bright red veins were now orange…and now a blinding white, it happened too fast for Oka to see any other spectrum or color. The particles all, no matter their distance from the sphere or placement in the dome, all collided inside the middle of giant sphere at once. There was an extremely loud explosion of light and colors, and sound. Like the explosion Oka-Duat had heard earlier, hundreds of levels below their door. Gebria shot a look at Oka-Duat, and he nodded, knowing that Gebria was indicating that everything was as it should be. The collision was over as soon as it happened. But the particles of light and energy were not finished with their duty.

Now a giant white ball of light in the middle of the sphere, exploded apart and now spread outward to the edges of the sphere. Even smaller particles now, smaller than nanodots. It was not fast, it was very slow. As it progressed, Oka-Duat and Gebria could see that, clusters were forming and they were all in a uniform motion around the center of the sphere, and at the exact same pace to the outer edges of darkness of the sphere. Ultraviolet, beautiful bright red and green clouds of light popped up around many of the clusters, creating a beautiful kaleidoscope of color across the dome. Gebria pulled her hand off the sphere first, then Oka-Duat copied her movements, and they both grabbed for each others hand at the same time. They marvelled at the sphere and the dome surrounding it all. “This procurement of energy from our homeworlds core is a success.” Gebria said with as much joy in her voice that Oka had ever heard or sensed. He could see that her royal artifact was indeed glowing green again, and it reflected off her beautiful hair and lit her face as she turned to Oka-Duat.

Oka was still staring at their sphere. Their creation of this energy was astounding to him. The light in the sphere had spots which were now brighter than others, and in the middle was no longer a larger particle of light cluster but now a dark spot. As the outer clusters stretched to the edge of the sphere, the walls again went back to glowing bright red. The particles, every cluster, all reached the outer edge, not at the same time but not a moment apart either, and then they collapsed back to the middle again. Another explosion of colors and sound as the walls glowed the whitest white ever seen in this world before. “Will it continue forever?” Oka-Duat asked Gebria with a slight hesitation in his voice, a slight hint of trepidation. “Not forever, no. But this procurement will last until…”

Explosion of light.

Darkness. Nothingness.




Broadcast over Intercom: “Success! It’s a fantastic moment,” said LHC project leader Lyn Evans, “we can now look forward to a new era of understanding about the origins and evolution of the universe.”

Geneva, 10 September 2008 AD. The first beam in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN was successfully steered around the full 27 kilometres of the world’s most powerful particle accelerator at 10h28m this morning. This historic event marks a key moment in the transition from over two decades of preparation to a new era of scientific discovery.

“The LHC is a discovery machine,” said CERN Director General Robert Aymar, “its research programme has the potential to change our view of the Universe profoundly, continuing a tradition of human curiosity that’s as old as mankind itself.”

Broadcast: “Next initiation to begin in ninety seconds!”

“We will find the GOD particle and harvest dark matter, and we can procure our salvation for our planet. There’s no telling how much energy we will be able to present to the world once we do.” Lyn says matter of factly to Robert.

“You mean the Higgs boson? We might be searching for it forever!” Robert seemed confused with her statement, and wanted to make sure he understood.

“No. And no, not forever, just until…”




Astraeus changed the channel on his new holographic, curved, Moving Images set. The image flooded up from the short, square and glossy black stand in the middle of the room. The feed changed from entertainment to Planet Ocean news. “What a weird fucking film!” he loudly complained to himself. “Started off interesting…” Astraeus grumbled. The sensor changed his mood lighting strips in the domed lounge room from white to a dim red, from the floor to the top. The news anchor led off with her name and then the date. “Good evening everyone. Welcome to Planet Ocean news network! I’m Diana Eos’ta! The date is the 10th colloquial of Septem, 7008 PE! Tonight! Should we be worried about the Mayan calendar prediction?” asks the lovely red-haired anchor. “In entertainment, we have an exclusive with Brandon Lee and his thoughts on the new Crow reboot! And later, we will discuss the amazing discovery that today unfolded in Waxahachie, TX at the Desertron Collider!” Lighting changed to purple now.

Her co-anchor with the plastic looking wavy brown hair chimed in as an image of Planet Oceans leaders appeared behind him. “Our World Council has finally agreed to fund trillions for research for nucleosynthesis energy! Dr. Martin Fleischmann says it will take a dozen full cycles or less to perfect, and with no new taxes on any WOA citizen! But this news is perhaps the most significant agreement they’ve come to since they announced the peace of the Southern East border wars! Diana, everything must come to an end, but didn’t their debate seem to go on forever? With, potentially, the answer to the planets energy crisis at stake?” asks wavy plastic hair man. Astraeus looked out his floor to ceiling windows and smiled at the sight of the sunset. A beautiful blend of purple and pink shining through the clouds at the horizon.

Diana’s red lips curled to a smile, but not her eyes. “No. Not forever, but it was…”

Flash of light. Then…




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