As 5 year old Timmy played basketball with his Uncle Louie outside, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the laughing from the two of them were infectious as Timmy would throw the youth sized black and yellow ball granny style up toward the big hoop and then run away, as if the ball were a bomb coming back down to Earth and he had to escape. Timmy’s parents were out at the store, out like they always were, getting food and supplies for the family BBQ that was to take place later that evening. “You’re getting better each day, little man!” Louie said as he put his palm on his nephews head, smiled and then watched him shoot the ball.

They played, they laughed at each other. Timmy ran away when the ball would bounce near him but would laugh and smile. He would yell “Uncle Louie!” every time he would pass it to his favorite Uncle. The street was quiet, it was a dead end road with only 3 houses on it, so they got to run around and be crazy as much as they wanted. They did not have a care in the world. Uncle Louie coaxed Timmy into catching the ball this time when ball bounced toward him, just as Louie could see Timmy’s parents turning onto the street, bringing all the party favors home. Timmy put out both of his hands, closed his eyes and caught the ball as it bounced square into his chest.

His little feet started to stomp as he was so excited that he did it. With a high pitched scream, Uncle Louie called for Timmy to move quick now, over to him. Like a Giant ambling in a field, the car came up the hill. Not seeing anything but the road in front of them. Timmy’s face lit up with joy when he recognized his parents in the car. They only looked at the driveway as they started to turn in slowly. He bolted from the side of the street out in front of the car. Louie shrieked. The car barreled over Timmy, who hit the ground with a hard thud, and the car scraped against the rock wall. Timmy’s face was as red as a beet with tears streaming down his face. He was wailing in pain. “Timmy!” The father yelled, accusatory, from the rolled down window. Timmy’s parents were devastated, they had just bought that convertible.


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