New. Outline. Unfinished.

The Relentless

Chapter 1: PopKin

Praxium Lee stands in the middle of the Populace’s Kinetics Arena. Praxium is here, as he is before every battle, to begin his ritual to focus. His seven-foot svelte frame casts no shadow on the clear ground he stands upon. His armor is body tight and showcases his impeccable physique; black contrasts with golden neon yellow on his helmet, visor, shoulders, hands and feet, glowing like the millennial sunset of the three stars of Emrilia. Praxiums helmet, like all telekinetic competitors helmets, connects directly to his frontal lobe via a catheter that implants itself once the helmet is placed, and the DNA is matched to the user. This allows the competitors thoughts be transmitted and interpreted to the giant holographic grid that encompasses every level of the arena and the field itself. He is on the ground level, standing on the glass like curvature field. The arena can house every citizen of Fustian City, 150 million souls. It is a grand arena with a hundred and ninety-nine floors reaching high in the sky, and a hundred and one floors going down into the depths below the city. Each level offers a false ceiling view of lies; of healthy young Suns and violet skies. Every level offers each citizen the same unique view of the festivities on the field, the most evolved members of Emrilian race, selected by the Global Conglomerate Government to entertain their citizens.

As Praxium sat down in the middle of the field and closed his eyes, pulling his feet in close and resting his elbows on his knees, he sighed dramatically and addressed his opponent who was clearly trying to sneak up on him.

“Spielving. I can smell your dirty thoughts from five miles away. Clean it up if you want to last longer than a few moments in here with me.” A slight smirk danced on Praxiums lips, but his eyes remained closed. Still he could see that Spielving was nodding and stifling a chuckle behind him.

“Still with the ritual, Prax?” He knew the answer, but Spielving was looking for any way in, to annoy or ridicule Praxium. His eyes, color of a dark storm cloud, squinted at Praxium. “Meditation seems such a boor. Either you have the mental capacity for domination, or you hemorrhage in defeat. Hmm?” Spielving folded his arms across his chest, his physique was in excellent form, but not of the caliber of Praxium, and Spielving was trying to puff out his chest. His cobalt blue and brown armor was dull and lifeless, but Praxium would never take an opponent lightly; yet he will not back down from any form of verbal, physical, or mental challenge.

Praxiums thin eyebrows raised slightly in amusement. He opened his eyes, revealing a piercing gaze of fiery orange, with specks of gold in his iris. “Well we all can’t have a lineage like yours, Spielving. Generals and Prime Commanders among your ancestors, how proud they must look down upon you, when you lose. To a meditating kinetics entertainer.”

“We will see, Praxium. I believe my journey begins with your end.” Spielving pivoted to make his way off the field, to wait for the citizens to enter before he would return for his battle with Praxium.

Praxium remained seated, elbows on knees, eyes closed again, and he nodded as Spielving walked away from him. “We will see.”

Fustian City broadcast the two-hour warning for the citizens. The warning was a city-wide message displayed across every form of communication device, and also transmitted through the air itself on every frequency that citizens had adapted their hearing to. Every citizen is required to attend the festivities, but it is a free event that the GCG provides to every major metropolitan area around the world. No one every complains about attending, subliminally they know they have to, they want to, they need to go to this event. The citizens of the Emrilia know it’s important to attend; they never fully understand why it is important, and some might even forget that they ever even went to the event, but once that message is relayed, everyone is set on a singular path and action. Get to the arena, stay in the arena for the entire telekinetic battle and enjoy the show; care of nothing else.

Praxium remained in his state of peace while the arena filled all around, above, and below him. A hundred and fifty million citizens filing into this mecca, bringing with them a symphony of noise and confusion, yet none of this deterred Praxium or removed him from his peaceful state. As all of the citizens took their places in this theater of these gladiators, Spielving made his way back out to the field, walking slowly out from the dark gray tunnel behind Praxium. As Spielving’s first step touched down onto the curvature, Praxium rose and turned in one motion to face his opponent.

“Time for my legacy to begin, Praxium. Sorry that your corpse is going to have to be under my boot when I take my first step to immortality.”

“We’ll see how long you last. Maybe you can make my ‘Fastest Fatalities’?” Praxium threw a thumb up behind his left shoulder, he noted the hint of fear in Spielvings eyes as they widened when he saw the list appear on one of the grids. It was quick, a micro-expression, but Praxium missed nothing and Spielving knew it.

“Enough of this.” Spielving shoved his cobalt helmet down over his long messy black hair, the catheter bolted into his frontal lobe with a quick and delightful click. He activated his helmets visor, blacked out grid-glass.

Praxium made his way to his end of the field, standing in the middle of his golden-yellow circle. The circle encompasses each competitor, keeping them within its space. The battle is fought entirely within the grid through telekinetic assaults. Spielving made his way to the opposite end, never looking away from Praxium, although Prax could not see his eyes. As Spielving stood in his black circle and it glowed and activated, Praxium looked past him, past the field, back into the gray tunnel, and saw the brightest red hair he had ever seen. For the first time in over 1700 matches, Praxiums focus was interrupted before his battle had begun. He followed the wavy hair to the face that owned it, and immediately felt like he had just got hit in the gut with a pulverizing kick.

Her beauty was spellbinding. Her skin was a cool tan, free of any imperfections, and her eyes were the color of the brightest amber. Praxium knew the battle was about to begin, yet he could not take his focus off of this beauty, and he was locked in with the grid now and could not glean any information from her. All he knew, was that he knew nothing at all and yet that was enough for him to want everything more.

The arena began to pulsate. A buzzing, along with a yellow glow on every level.

This was the countdown. The match was set to begin as soon as that buzzing ceased; it was never the same amount of time, it was always random, so you could not always prepare fully for every possible outcome. They had to keep things interesting for the citizens. Praxium clenched his fists, shaking his shoulders, and pulling his gaze off of the woman he now yearned for, and back to the man who stood in his way. Spielving, in one instant, went from just another man to add to his list, to the one man standing in his way of finding out exactly who that was. Praxium closed his eyes and emptied his thoughts from his mind. His focus was the grid only now, and Spielving. His armor began to glow brighter. Golden bursts of light shot out of the circle to “Ooohs!” and “Aaahs!” from the citizens.

Spielving was standing like a statue, hands at his side, also prepared now. His armors blue glowed a little brighter.

The arena buzzing stopped. The citizens silenced.

The grid was active on every level of PopKin.

The battle commenced…

Chapter 2: The Relentless

As all citizens were entrenched in the euphoria of the entertainment being put on for them by two of the best competitors they have ever seen, only one building, besides the arena, remaining in the city was active. The Global Conglomerate’s Fustian Headquarters was full of the city’s leaders, beginning their conference with the rest of the global super cities. All around the globe, every city had a unified schedule in PopKin battles scheduled, giving these lifetime leaders a chance to colloborate on the only issue that had been discussed among them for the past decade. Two of the three suns were beginning to draw closer together, as Emrilian Sun Alpha had begun to siphon off the radiation of its closest star neighbor, Sun Beta, and was pulling it closer, an inevitable collision that would result in the stars’ fusion and ultimate collapse of their known solar system. A chain of Supernova’s would be set off, like firecrackers in space, where the third, most distant sun, would also collapse when hit with the far-reaching blast of the collapse, along with all the planets and moons in between.

The roar of the citizens in the arena was thunderous as General Klifton stood in front of his compatriots and a wall of holograph of the other united leaders of the world.

“Our scientists in Fustia have come up with a theory regarding the Alpha Sun.” The General was pacing, hands behind him, his short stature was still intimidating to the other men and women in the room, and those watching from afar via hologram. “We need to send in a Nexus device, to stop the core of the Alpha Sun. If it is stopped, the radiation should stop being siphoned from the Beta Sun. We will lose crops; we will lose energy; we will lose life. But we will survive.”

Many nodded along with the General’s proclamation, though a few were murmuring in disagreement. The general stopped pacing, standing in silence with his back to everyone, looking out the floor to ceiling dark purple windows; looking to the heavens, looking at their Suns. Two large and bright, high in the sky, the other small and distant, just hanging over the horizon. The orbit of the planet with the suns, made it a permanent twilight like environment on the planet. If one sun, especially the Alpha, the brightest of their sources of energy, was to die and cease to provide for the planet, the doubters in that room and around the globe knew that the world itself would be drastically different. Things would never look the same again. There was also the consideration of the Nexus device itself. It was only ever used to try to terra-form a moon on their fourth cousin planet, Stenriva. The moon began to terra-form as expected, but then as the device descended to the moons core, it collapsed the moon, causing a light show in the twilight skies that lasted a 100 years.

“This is madness. The Nexus device has not been used since the incident with Omren of Stenriva! What if it did the same to Sun Alpha?!”

The General kept his silence still, letting out a small sigh, and then offered, “I did not bring this up for a debate. The Nexus Device was already launched. It will enter Alpha in 6 days.” He hung his head, no one had made a unilateral decision, especially one of this magnitude, without a global unanimous vote. “This was our only option. We either live on, and adapt to a New World…or we accept our fate when our Suns finally merge together.”

In the arena, Praxium was standing with his hands clenched at his side, his face looking toward the heavens, eyes closed tight in supreme focus. A single drop of blood began to trickle out of his left nostril, slowly crawling its way down its way to his lips. Spielving was crouched in his dim circle, blood gushing from every orifice, his avatar laid out on the grid before the millions of citizens. Beaten and bloody, Spielving and his avatar both reached out in mercy at the same time toward Praxium’s avatar as it strode forward to him. Spielving clenched his fist and his avatar shimmered and disappeared on the holographic grids. He reappeared behind Praxium, who was not surprised by this trap. Praxiums leg was already swinging behind him, a glowing yellow bolt shooting out of his heel as it connected to Speilvings face. The groan and approval of the citizens was deafening as Spielvings circle of focus was now completely shut down, and the entire arena was bathed in a blast of golden light that blasted out from Praxiums armor and his circle.

Praxium opened his eyes as he wiped his nose with his thumb, the blood staining his glove. The citizens were cheering and jumping around in unison, an ocean of celebration, but Praxium was looking for only one in particular. He used his helmet to scan his surroundings, the computer processing his search parameters to his ocular lenses. Red hair, woman, amber and white armor. It found her for him after a moment, and fixed her location for him. As his eyes zoomed in on her face, looking through the holographic grid with its blue tint, Praxium was again transfixed by her beauty. Her hail framed her face perfectly, red wavy hair, brighter than their alpha sun. He looked into her eyes, a beautiful hue of amber and brown, and she was looking right back into his.

“Good work, Praxium. Your technique is almost flawless.” Her thoughts were like a splinter in his brain. Praxium had never encountered someone who could fully communicate telepathically before. There had been talks in The Relentless community of warriors who had been engineered, and experimented with since birth. Genetic coded, engineered super warriors, but Praxium always dismissed these as wild theories and the musings of mad men.

“I…You…Can you..?” Praxium was moving his lips at first, still looking at this masterpiece of creation. She touched a finger to her lips and nodded at him. Her red hair bounced against the tan olive skin of her cheeks.

“I’m fully connected to you, you just need think, your cortex will take care of the rest. Well, mine will.” Her bright pink lips curled into a mischievous smile. “Behind you..”

Praxium’s focus had been solely on this mysterious woman who was captivating his every thought. Spielving had managed to claw his way to his knees, blood still gushing from his mouth, nose and eyes. As Praxium turned his head, he saw Spielving’s dull blue lighted hands coming towards his face, Spielving had jumped a good twenty feet in the air, aiming to crash down upon his conquerors skull. Praxium had little instinct, except to put his hands up, arms crossed above him, and a wave of red and golden force expelled from his hands. The force knocked Spielving straight up, as Spielving crashed through the holographic ceiling hundreds of feet above them, Praxium saw the fear and confusion in his eyes. The same fear was felt by himself. The crowd grew silent.

“You’re one of us Mr. Lee. Your powers are those of The Relentless, and it’s time you knew exactly what you were capable of. The time of games and fanfare is over.” That splinter like feeling grew deeper, but when he looked back around, frantically searching for the woman of red, she was gone from sight. But he could still hear her, “Come with me, Praxium. I’ll show you why we are needed, and why you must be told of who you really are.”

His feet began to move, yet he did not know where he was being taken. His armor dulled, for the first time in his life, Praxium was afraid.

Chapter 3: SuperNova

As the yellow glow of his boots guided Praxium out of the arena, he noticed that the buzz of the crowd had grown silent. He was unable to turn his head, being controlled like he was a puppet, he assumed by the woman of red he “talked” with earlier. But as he strode out past citizens, he saw in his peripheral that they were frozen in stance. Some with their arms raised in mid cheer. Some with mouths agape in mid scream, all of them frozen in one way or another. Praxium reached the outer ring of the access tunnels to the arena, and found his beautiful puppet master waiting for him, leaning against a large 4 person hovering cruiser, it was unmarked and almost transparent with some type of tech shielding it. Her whole face was smiling, her eyes were dancing with explosions of amber, her lips more red than pink now.

“How did you do all of this?” Praxium spoke easily, but with a growl as he neared this mysterious woman.

“Oh, I’m just in your head Mr. Lee, not theirs.” As she flipped a finger flippantly toward the citizens in the arena. The far side cruiser door swung upward toward the heavens, opening without a sound. A tall man in the most brilliant silver on silver armor stepped out, his dark skin without a hint of a shine under the suns. The woman and man nodded at each, a slight nod of acknowledgment of something that was about to happen. The tall dark man snapped his fingers on his left hand, which was un-gloved. The arena began to be as loud as ever before, the roar instantaneous in its reappearance. As Praxium opened his mouth to begin to object to his obvious kidnapping, the ground began to shake, and a loud sound of screeching jets boomed from off in the distance. The distraction allowed Praxium to regain control of his body long enough to move his head on his own, looking up in the sky, as a long cylindrical metallic object jettisoned out of the atmosphere.

His head was moved for him, again he was under the total control of the woman, and she looked him right in his piercing golden eyes with her own fiery ones. “That is why you are coming with us, Praxium…”

He saw the same fear in her eyes that he had felt before. But she was not afraid of him, she was afraid of they just saw, and he knew that if two beings as powerful of these were afraid, then something was not right. He stopped fighting the control, his mind eased, he got into the cruiser willingly. The woman slid in next to him, as she sat back next to Praxium, her left hand grazed his, and in that moment Praxium Lee knew everything there ever was to know about Esmees Wheston…

  • Outline guide:1st Chapter: Introduction to Praxium Lee and the arena. Battle between Praxium and Spielving.

  • Not Earth but a different world in a different Galaxy and solar system.

  • Has three Suns, two of which are about to collapse into each other.

  • 2nd Chapter: “The Relentless”

  • Finalizes the battle between Spielving and Praxium

  • Introduces us to female lead, Esmees Wheston.

  • Background information on the sun, dying star, global governments efforts to contain information. This planet has no country/nation boundaries, it is a global empire and consciousness. Our characters learn of failed attempts to reignite their dying star, how they are being used to distract the masses.

  • We learn that there is a more powerful group of people than just telekinetic warriors out in this world.

  • Praxium learns he’s needed for something much larger than just entertaining citizens.

  • 3rd Chapter: “SuperNova”

  • We find out and see other heroes with strong powers, and learn about the connection between Esmees and Praxium

  • Separated in solitary, they use their telekinetic power to communicate with one another. The government monitors their activity

  • Praxium is taken, at first kidnapped, to the citys underground lair of The Relentless, a group of strong genetically engineered super warriors.

  • We see the Nexus device set off out into the atmosphere, beginning a count down within the book and guiding the story. The device has so long before it reaches the alpha Sun, and try to collapse it, causing it to create a new world in which all of this life on this planet would have to adapt, rather than live with the utter destruction of allowing the two of the three Suns to merge and collapse, causing a massive SuperNova.

  • Chapter 4: Training

  • We see the evolution of Praxium beginning to harness new and untapped powers. Creating a rift with some of the elder members of the Relentless, but growing closer with Esmees.

  • He finds out that The Relentless, if all harnessed their power together, would allow them to stop the convergence of the two Suns instead of relying on the Nexus device.

  • Government interference in their compound, using other genetically altered super soldiers and meta-units for security forces.

  • Chapter 5: Abducted

  • Praxium and Esmees are captured

  • Tortured in a government-run facility, showing that the global unity is faltering, under control of the one General controlling the Nexus devices.

  • Chapter 6: Nexus

  • We see the conclusion, escape from the center.

  • Characters of all The Relentless across the globe are linked telepathically at the same time, using their powers to disable the device and physically alter the material of the alpha sun, which provides their power.

  • The solar flare ups, are the source of the power fluxes of The Relentless, allowing them to heal their sun and their world themselves.

  • Praxium and Esmees are together by the end of this, showcasing their development from wayward souls to being the strongest pair of The Relentless by the end of the conflict.

  • General escapes, but the whole of his army of other recruits were destroyed or turned to end up helping in The Relentless conflict.

Summary: Praxium Lee and Esmees Wheston are two of The Relentless. A force of telekinetic and telepathic super warriors on the planet of Emrilia, a far off planet that orbits three Suns. In a state of perpetual twilight, the very existence of Emrilia is in danger due to the fact that their Alpha Sun is beginning to grow and siphon off the nuclear energy of the beta Sun, threatening a collapse and a string of Supernova’s that would destroy the planet system. The Relentless must realize where their power comes from, why they were given their gifts and unite as one to help stop a General hell-bent on destroying their Sun and source of their power.

Praxium Lee and Esmees Wheston are the two heroes who will be united through trial and combat, fighting their way for their own kind to survive and for the future of their planet. In the end, will it be enough to save their dying Star?


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