@OutOfYaElement James Gesner 5/20/2016 9:51AM Draft:

Arrow: Arrow Writers Room

Flash: The Flash CW

Legends of Tomorrow: LoT Twitter

Supergirl: Supergirl Twitter          

As someone who loves every single one of these shows that these producers and writers have painstakingly brought to us each and every week, I just wanted to offer my thanks, and a few ideas. Now, I know everyone offers up their opinions, asked for or not these days, but as someone who was a degree in creative writing; has been a reader of DC Comics for over 20 years, and has seen every episode of all of these television shows, from Arrow to The Flash, from Supergirl to Legends of Tomorrow; back to Smallville and Constantine, Birds of Prey and even the unaired Wonder Woman and Aquaman pilots(!), I just wanted to offer a take on the television DC universe that is unfolding before us.

With The CW gaining Supergirl for its Fall lineup, I see this as a great opportunity for the writers and producers to do something that is only being attempted right now on the silver screen. We have an option here to show just how great some of our villains are. Our main villains of DC are infamous, and we should utilize them in the greatest way possible: With having 4 shows that are tied into the same universe….

….Supergirl needs to be brought in and retconned to be IN the Arrow/Flash universe. This is simple. We know Barry visited her, and we heard him mention that in her world there was no Cisco, Wells, etc. But in our Flash/Arrow-verse all we need is for a news junket of National City in the background to mention this new hero, this girl of steel. Barry can see that on his world, she is there too – and that her backstory – her season long arc is roughly unchanged (this also can be used to explain away any slight character changes, casting changes, etc.) Supergirl now in our family universe/sandbox completely, and any and all changes are easily explained by the fact that this is Supergirl Earth 1 now…


…and possible a fifth if Constantine were ever able to join the fray again or Vixen gets to be a permanent fixture; We introduce an overarching villain for all four shows, one that is going to run the gambit on our heroes for their entire season(s), and challenge them – possible for more than one season if done correctly. With the most powerful villains that DC has, ranging from Doomsday, Mongul, Parallax (introduce us to Hal, we’ve seen the hints…Wally and Hal team up show would be a great spin off), Brainiac (not Indigo, I loved LVH, but this needs to be the big one), Superboy Prime (would tie in with The Flash extremely well and would create an adversary that Supergirl would be needed/conflicted for). If we wanted to introduce Raven, and have Trigon – he is definitely one of the strongest villains in the DCU right now. Eclipso could be an interesting one with his ability to possess others, maybe not the strongest villain but one for television that would work across the 4 teams. With an overarching supervillain, ideally you want one that needs minions, etc. to do a lot of his work on the Earth realm against our heroes before they can find out who is manipulating all of this; Nekron and Darkseid, Steppenwolf, the Anti-Monitor. Anyone with a group, parademons, minions, undead hordes, etc. this would work.

Maybe after this introduction of the JSA at the finale of LoT, we get an intro to The Crime Syndicate and/or the maniacal mad genius manipulating events in a Lex Luthor. This can have the overarching villain angle across all shows, while still giving each show their own B level main villain to deal with throughout the season and allowing for many cross-over opportunities.

End 15 Minute draft. 5/20/2016 10:07AM Twitter Contact


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